Hello and welcome to the Gap Advice Portal. My name is Manuel Delgado and I am on a mission to start a gap year revolution, and I need your help!

Gap year students standing on top of a mountain
Manu in Zambia
A group walk through the rice paddies in Borneo


There are countless websites out there giving you advice on how to plan a gap year but they have one goal – to sell you one of their gap year experiences.

A gap year is a valuable learning experience and this is often overlooked by gap year providers. I was determined to do something different from the rest. Here you won't find sponsored advertising or me selling (overpriced) gap year experiences. I'm all about giving great advice, nothing else.

I founded G.A.P because I wanted to provide clear and useful advice about both planning and going on a gap year. I decided to make a commitment to making sure that my advice is accessible and easy to digest for anyone wants to plan a gap year, whether that is a solo mission or going with a gap year provider.

I have lots of great content and resources on this site that are actionable and transparent, giving you all the info and tools you need to have a fun and fulfilling gap year.

A gap year is a rite of passage and something you will probably only do once. Make sure you do it in style!

A chicken bus in Guatemala
Guatemalan girls


Building mud huts in Zambia, working tagging sea turtles in Costa Rica, climbing active volcanoes in Guatemala, doing survival jungle training in Borneo, they are just some of the experiences that I have been involved while guiding people on their gap year.

Since an early age, I have always wanted to travel and see the world. I remember as a young lad loving any travel or wildlife magazine that talked about far away exotic lands, hidden valleys or ancient temples forgotten in exotic jungles.

I wanted to travel, discover, experience, and then I reached an age where reality hit me. I was growing up in Lima in Peru, a country where you needed a visa and more money in the bank than Lord Sugar to enter any other country in the world.

Travel seemed all but impossible, but it wasn’t and after five years guiding in the Amazon and living with the local tribes I was able to move to England to become an expedition leader and gap year leader.

I have since led more than twelve expeditions to five different continents and have received exceptional feedback for my work with volunteers and gappers. I have been extremely successful in this industry due to my unbridled passion and knowledge of the world and how to travel within it.

I am the biggest advocate of travel based learning and I want to share my experiences and knowledge with all of you who want to take a life-changing gap year.

If you want to get in touch with me or my team you can do so here.